Timberline Fasteners applies proven methods of inventory management in conjunction with scanning, dispensing, and tracking technologies to deliver uninterrupted supply of components at pace with customer production demand.

Experienced Oversight ? Transparent Technology ? Continuous Improvement

Proficiencies in VMI have been developed over decades of service. Programs are tailored to the specific supply requirements of each customer. Timberline hosts resources designed for lean-manufacturing focused customers including access to online inventory data, EDI ordering support across multiple platforms, periodic reporting, a quality program to include in-house testing, and a dedicated operations team closely monitoring with developing changes in demand.

Timberline has developed systems in inventory control to ensure the integrity of customer inventory throughout the distribution process. From its inception at part-number designation to its delivered location in the customer plant, OEM customer inventory is warehoused -both virtually and physically- in unique locations preserving traceability and ensuring adequate inventory levels.

Timberline is continuously working with new technologies to improve the order generation and fulfillment process. MRP-driven ordering, Barcode scanning – for both VMI and CMI, RFID bin tracking, and electronic scales are a few of the tools available to customers.

Single Source Supply

By consolidating procurement of c-class components through Timberline Fasteners, OEM customers can reduce carrying costs of raw material inventory, reduce purchase order frequency, minimize exposure to stock-out, and free up resources to higher-value tasks. Timberline’s sourcing advantage is built around a global supply network of vetted, qualified, and continuously audited manufacturers, fabricators, and finishing service providers.

For both commodity and engineered components the relationship between component manufacturers and the OEM are maintained through an integrated supply program (ISP). Timberline Fasteners facilitates direct dialogue for new design engineering and VA/VE exercises while hosting training and Fastener Symposium seminars.

Seamless integration

New vendor transition with Timberline Fasteners is managed with experience and expertise, minimizing typical disruption and cost. For all new-customer integration, Timberline forms a procurement/ logistics/expediting team tasked to ensure zero-outage, zero-downtime while developing demand modeling to feed long-term replenishment. This task-force method is utilized for existing customers when introducing new production lines, special projects, and continuous improvement initiatives.