Packaging and Labeling

Transit, delivery, and final-use of customer product are all considered when specifying packaging. Timberline Fasteners offers both in-house and ready-sourced packaging solutions which are economical, responsible, and efficient.

Package and bin quantities can be built around Timberline Fasteners Inventory Management modeling or based on economic order quantities and weight and volume considerations. Custom barcode labeling with lot traceability, customer part number, and any additional information required by the customer improves visibility of parts and minimizes customer handling costs.

Kitting and Assembly

Custom kitting with designated assortments in poly bags, cartons, or boxes is a standard valued added service with Timberline Fasteners. Hand assembly of components, both fastener and non-fastener parts, is regular practice and available through any of our 6 branches nationwide. These services are simple, effective solutions to customers seeking consistency and quality while minimizing cost.