From OEMs to job-shop fabricators, having a fastener supplier partner with experience and knowledge around joint-design application is imperative. Customers of Timberline Fasteners realize this value first hand.


Timberline invests in maintaining employee training, with a focus on technical knowledge of bolted joints, fastener specifications, and industry trends. Both inside and outside account managers participate in the Fastener Training Institute 40-hour course, each earning the title as a Certified Fastener Specialist.

In addition to formal technical training, Timberline Fasteners maintains a close relationship between its manufacturing partners and the needs of its customers. Facilitating dialogue between the producer and the user is a valuable role as a distributor. Timberline regularly hosts seminars and training events for customer engineers and supply chain members, where fastener manufacturers can present new technologies as well cost-saving initiatives.


Timberline hosts valuable engineering tools which include online access to industry standards and specification, torque-tension estimation, secure customer inventory data for part specification , on-demand custom prints, as well as both in-house and third-party testing.

IFI Technology Connection

With IFI Technology Connection users can generate summarized fastener specifications from ANSI/ASME, ASTM, IFI, SAE, ISO, and DIN standards. A PDF version of each custom spec contains pertinent physical and dimensional data and the reference standards that correspond to each criteria. A valuable tool for joint design, fastener selection, quality assurance, and installation specification, the IFI Technology Connection is available to Timberline customers via private login.