With a breadth of inventory to meet diverse industry needs and continuous replenishment through a global supply network, Timberline Fasteners manages consistent on-time service to its customers with the right inventory, in the right place, for the right price.

Engineered Products

As a master distributor for many trusted brands, customers have access to best in class products with support directly from the manufacturer. Timberline is proud to represent these products as part of its overall offering.

AVK |Huck Alcoa | Heyco | Avdel |Hellermann Tyton | ITW| Southco | Stanley

Stock Hardware

High-volume demand of commodity articles means competitive pricing and availability on both domestic and off-shore parts, from container-quantities to piece-count discrete purchases. Customers can buy in confidence, backed by a quality program that ensures traceability and lot control on all graded product, with documentation and material certification available through a private online portal.


From prototyping to first-article and the eventual transition to production level quantities, Timberline offers technical expertise to ensure an economic solution for custom parts and specials. With a competitive network of both production scale and one-off fastener manufacturers, parts are made per print, to the right specs, with end-use performance in mind. Our in-house team can generate drawings while consulting with joint-design engineers.

Platings, Coatings and Finishes

Partnered with numerous plating finishers nationwide, Timberline can offer industry standard and specialty finishing on parts per customer specification. As a liaison between the OEM customer and the plating industry, Timberline is continuously educating, improving, and adding value in the role as a distributor. Customers gain the benefit of collective knowledge around innovative processes and new coating technologies as well as policy around compliances such as REECH and RoHS.

Common available finishes include:

Zinc and Clear (Cr+3 ; Cr+6)| Zinc and Yellow (Cr+3 ; Cr+6) |Hot-dip and mechanical galvanizing | Dacromet |Geomet| Magni |ZnCoat| Zinc-flake | Xylan | Zinc Phos | Zn+ | Nylon Patching | Pre-applied Anti-seize

Tool Program

From production-line assembly to field-installations, Timberline has a tool program to suit the unique needs of each customer. With stock of new, refurb, and lease tools available, our experienced tool program specialists work with the customer and the tool manufacturer to build the right system for an economic and work-safe conscious fastening solution.

Once a tool program is in place, Timberline offers continued support through its Tool Service Center . Both in-house and onsite service are available along with parts and spares.